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Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks 

  Artisans of The Spirit

Awakening Consciousness 

Destiny by  Design 60 days

You will be guided by Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks to design what you would like most in your life. You will receive 60 days of our effective, focused & proven system. Your Destiny awaits.

Initial process: Application of Discovery Required

Consultation 45-60 min - Initial Design Assessment for evaluation Phone/ Skype or *In Person * In Person assumes all travel, food,& lodging expenses to our office*

  • 1/ 30 min. Personal Consultation by phone/skype Designed to personally help you start to create one thing what you would like in your life, now.

What you will learn: Modules

  • Foundation: The web of Cosmic Laws. The philosophy & logic of laws behind the illusion.
  • 10 steps to consciously create, and the 3 Major Components required to do so.
  • Alignment: The checks and balances to manifest. When you understand this balance and harmony, you can create anything.
  • Bonus: Creating a partnership with energy. What you will receive:
  • 2/ 45 min. one- on- one guidance tailored around your specific cause. (Your Plan) Recorded for you so you can implement action & reduce error.

Steps include:

  • Anchor: Know How & What your focus will create
  • Stabilize: Alignments for your goal
  • How to Design a desired outcome; Evaluation (based on Personal Consultation.)
  • Integrate: Reduce the fear/ worry impact on your life.
  • Repeat & repeat again for additional desired outcomes.
  • 3/ 15 min. checks & balances call for Support or Q & A
  • Unlimited E-mail support

Total Investment in yourself:                   $3,500 Non- refundable                      Pay in Full today & Save       Total: $2,995

                                                                            or choose

$995. Down non-refundable          3 monthly payments of $900       (billed 25 days thereafter)                            Total $ 3,695

Enrollment Bonus #1: Video " “Creating Order out of Chaos: Stopping the Storm"

" It's so hard for me to put into words just how powerful this class/book were. Sometimes in life, we’re drawn to people and/or experiences, and we have no idea why. I was attending an expo in Pittsburgh on a last minute whim, during a time when everything in my world seemed to be in a state of chaos. I had been so used to this disarray that I had just accepted it as my way of life. Without much thought, I signed up for the workshop “Creating Order out of Chaos: Stopping the Storm.” I had no idea when I walked into that room that the way that I looked at my seemingly uncontrollable spiral downward would fundamentally change in just under 2 hours time. The teachings that I received offered compassionate and positive outlooks, as well as easy methods that I could do on my own. I learned how to control the way that I viewed the chaos in my life in general, as well as release the stress of the most impossible of issues from my core. After the workshop, I purchased a copy of “Want Not & Be Open to Receive” and it has been the perfect supplement and follow-up to such a powerful experience. My life and the way that I experience it has transcended into a new peaceful manner, and I have learned to embrace the storms instead of fear and accept them. I wish that I could share this information with anyone and everyone who has ever feared the destruction of a storm in their lives. These teaching provide a loving focus and allow you to reframe hopelessness into hope." Amanda Lynn Baker